Why real estate agents should stage homes with shabby chic furniture

Nothing keeps real estate agents awake at night more than home staging. Home staging determines how fast a home sells and at what price. You have probably heard a million ideas on how to stage a home for that quick and favorable sell, but have you tried shabby chic furniture? This style is now deemed attractive and appealing to home buyers. Here are the reasons why real estate agents should use shabby chic furniture for home staging.

It is economical yet welcoming

Home staging doesn’t need to be an extravagant affair. Sellers with deep pockets can walk down that road. However, if you want to save on costs, shabby chic furniture is the way to go. This style thrives on anything old and feminine. It is easy to accentuate the appearance of any home with faded furniture textiles like cotton and use of lady colors in furniture paintings. People touring the home with the intention of buying will be drawn to the comfortable and laid back style. The house will appeal to the romantics and the budget conscious.

Unique design that’s becoming trendy

It is no use investing in costly d├ęcor during home staging and still risks being passed on. There is an increasing number of home buyers who specially love shabby chic furniture for its vintage appeal. Consider using upholstery color with soft shades of creamy white, pink and purple. The same applies to furniture paintings. Buyers feel at home. The house looks like a historical masterpiece, yet still modern and comfortable. Given a chance to remodel their homes, many homeowners would likely take that direction.

Dean Signori from Homes Direct 365 pointed out to us how much the white ivory style of shabby chic furniture has grown over the last few years with much more competition fighting over the sale of these types of products”

The home looks spacious and authentic

Shabby chic furniture has many points of focus for anyone touring through the home. In essence, a home gets to appear more spacious than it really is. When it comes to home staging many real estate agents, get it wrong by installing new furniture with splash colors. When a buyer walks through the home, they can easily pinpoint new furniture pieces that have specifically been installed to inflate the price. Most of the time, buyers would just pass on such homes. Intuitively, a home staged with shabby chic furniture speaks of an accommodating price.

Hide flaws in the shabbiness

We have established that shabby chic furniture and decor has become trendy. Today you can spot the periodic furniture styles in magazines and TV. Nonetheless, this style of home staging presents a unique opportunity to hide any furniture flaws in a home. High gloss is not a part of it; neither is sleek colors and materials. Instead, there are notes of peeling paint, satin and worn upholstery. Under the distressing yet appealing look, you can get away with flaws without alarming potential home buyers.

Few repair requests

The stylishly antiquated look of shabby chic furniture as mentioned earlier can be used to hide blemishes. Old pieces that need repair can be assumed to be part of the design. Good quality furniture pieces and the old and worn will all look the same. If a buyer likes the home, after reviewing, real estate agents can expect fewer repair requests. This means that the home gets to sell fast without the price being adjusted downwards.

White shabby chic furniture has a special place in our homes today, a space that no modern decor can replace.