Transform your Backyard

I think it’s safe to say everyone dreams of having a backyard makeover, and I’m here to show you how to get one! Here at DC Norwood, we can offer you quality construction at an affordable price… and give you the backyard you desire.

This photo features a rectangular shaped pool, with a patio area that has a wooden roof, a lounging area and fountains.

Every individual has different backyard aspirations, whether you’re looking to install a pool, a home bar, a deck or a relaxing lounging area, we have you covered. In this article, I’m going to be showing you inspiration for your backyard and how to well and truly give it the best makeover, no matter the size or shape of your garden!

Backyard Pool Ideas,

With the vast range of pool styles around the world, there are countless ways you could transform your garden. With the two main types of pools being inground and above-ground it’s important to take into consideration cost, size, maintenance, and longevity before purchasing one of these products. Here are a few swimming pool ideas for backyards.

Inground are often decorated with fountains, slides and sometimes are put on decks for a more appealing look. They can be made from fiberglass, vinyl liner, and concrete so there are a few options available to choose from and there are many benefits to this type of pool:

This photo shows a medium sized pool, with a garden area that has rocks in it and a fountion, there are also trees in the backround.
  • Aesthetic purposes – Many people believe inground pools are more aesthetically pleasing due to them fitting in your garden more and not standing on top of the ground.
  • Customized benefits – With an inground pool you can customize and choose from many backyard pool designs. The size, shape, color scheme and depth are all chosen by you to ensure you have the best pool to suit your backyard and its needs.
  • Durability benefits – Due to the pool being inground, it’s a lot more long lasting as storms and other natural impacts of the environment can’t reach it.
  • Value – If your selling a house with a pool your home will most likely be valued higher due to the appearance and convenience, although certain buyers might not like this due to the tax.

Above-ground pools can be accessorised with slides like every other pool, but many people tend to surround them with deck to give it a slightly more inground look and help it fit in with the garden. These pools are just as good as other pools and they can be made from steel or aluminum or resin, here are a few benefits of having this type of pools:

This photo consists of an above-ground pool in a circular shade, with a decking area behind the same hright as the pool.
  • Cost effective: Above-ground pools are more affordable, if you are on a budget then it’s worth looking at these types of pools.
  • Installation: Above-ground pools are quicker to install, some can even get the full pool installed in a day, so if you’re in a rush to have a swim then this could be a good option for you.
  • Layouts: Although you can’t fully customize your above-ground pool there are many shapes and sizes to choose from to get you your dream backyard pool.
  • Space – If you don’t have plenty of space, inground pools come in small round and oval sizes which fit almost perfectly in any small backyard.

Backyard Deck Designs,

Whether you’re wanting to add a deck to your garden to go with or just for a lounging area, then we have you covered. The size, shape, and type of backyard you have will all have to be taken into consideration when choosing what type of deck you want or need. You can choose from an attached deck, a detached or island deck, a wraparound deck, a multi-level deck, a side-yard deck, a swimming pool deck, an entryway deck and a deck for outdoor dining.

Although there are a lot of deck ideas I’m going to run you through a couple of our personal favorites and the styles that we think will look stunning in any backyard.

There are many pool surround deck options making it easy for you to choose or create a design perfect for your backyard and pool. A lot of your choices depend on whether you have an above-ground or inground pool (both are explained above) but we can guarantee there is a design for everyone. It’s extremely popular for people to get decks on above-ground pools, to make it blend in and match the backyard more. Whereas with an inground pool, the deck is most likely used to give the pool a specific place in the backyard, to look more attractive or as a lounge area. Pictured above are a couple of swimming pool deck designs that have a big impact on the backyard.

Another popular style deck is an entryway or front of the house deck, you can have this style on your front or back door and it will create a place to go in your backyard without walking across the grass. Also depending on the size of the deck and if it was just an entry to the house or a lounge area, you could create an outdoor eating area or lounging area. This type will always be attached to the house and it could be designed in many ways such as having:

  • Roof
  • Fence
  • Stairs
  • Gate
  • Walls
This picture shows a stunning deck area, with stairs and a outside eating area that backs onto the house.

Beautiful outdoor decks can also be made from a lot of different materials, for different reasons such as pressure-treated wood which is a more affordable option made of fir permeated with anti-rot and insecticide agents.

  • Cedar deck maintenance isn’t required regularly and is another cost-effective option and is easy to work with, so it’s perfect for anyone who is wanting to DIY.
  • Redwood deck construction is strong, lightweight and easy to work with, although its a more expensive option and is now only available in on the West Coast.
  • The ipe decking specifications are that it is naturally resistant to rot, durable and a beautiful material but it has to be sealed annually to keep maintain its rich looks.
  • Composite is an attractive and low maintenance product, made from wood fiber and recycled polyethylene.
  • Vinyl maintenance is almost non-existent which is why it’s such a popular deck choice when it’s only new on the market.

Backyard Bar,

I think everyone at least once has thought of having epic bar shed plans. I mean, imagine coming home after a long day with the ability to have a drink and chill in your OWN bar… you don’t even have to get ready! Even more importantly think about when summer comes, you will receive the biggest backyard envy and throw the best parties, not to mention you will also have the best hideout spot of the neighborhood! When transforming your backyard is this easy, why not?

There are a few types of bars that you could have installed in your garden but it all depends on what you’re after. If you’re looking for a shed, just a small bar, somewhere to store and pour liquor we will have you covered. Even if you don’t want to start from scratch we can give you a shed transformation. Here is one of the mini bar plans we could offer.

This photo is of a outdoor bar in someones  backyard, its a open squaer shape with four bar pools for people to sit down while they have a drink.

As well as the many different styles of outdoor bars, you also have a choice of material, color an size. You can choose whether you want a roof or not, a seating area and drink dispensers. This honestly is the best way to ensure your garden is looking its best before summer and here are a few materials your bar counter top could be made from:

  • Polymer (Plastic Composites)
  • Glazed Ceramic Tile
  • Stone Tile
  • Granite
  • Slate
  • Stone Slab
  • Concrete
  • Brick and Flagstone

Backyard Fire Pit Area,

Although backyard fire pits are common, many people ask ‘
what is a fire pit used for ?’ and they are used for people to sit around and warm up or even roast marshmallows on. They are the perfect crowd pleaser and are great if you’re looking into having a gathering. Common fire pit shapes are rings and they are amazing for people to sit around and socialize, even if the fire isn’t on. There are three fuel options which are:

  • Natural Gas Fire Pit: This is an option where we believe your fire pit will be used more often due to the simplicity of turning the fire pit on, it’s like flicking a switch.
  • Propane Fire Pit: Most of these types can be moved around easily, so you don’t have to keep it in one spot and they are also similar to the above in regards to lighting it.
  • Wood Fire Pit: If your more of a DIY person or you’re wanting something done quickly and easily then the wood fire pit is the most straight forward option.
This stunning image has a firepit with a metal suround and the back round being a beautiful sunset over the river.

Now, for the backyard fire pit rules and bonfire permits. If your firepit needs to be at least 10 feet away from your house and depending on the size of your fire pit, you might need to get a permit. It’s best to call your local authorities regarding this as the regulations differentiate depending on the area.