Tips on staging your home for a quick sale

Have you ever wondered why some homes stay in the listings for a long time without attracting the right buyers?  The answer is home staging. Think about this for a moment, you are inspecting potential homes to buy, and you come across one that is neat and renewed, while another is kept in a state of disrepair with several fixtures that need repairing. Which house would you choose? I bet you will go for the one that looks neat and new. Tania Matthews a real estate guru from Florida says that home staging can make or break your success in selling a home, even going as far as saying it can increase profits of a sale by 10-20% as people just do not want to be decorating and renovating a new home from scratch because moving home is stressful enough on its own.

Let’s find out how you can do a successful home staging for a quicker and better sale.


1. Declutter your home

Packing away all your personal belongings will just show that you are ready to sell. We can all agree that a decluttered home looks inviting. Buyers can visualize themselves living inside that home. If you were the one looking to buy a house, you wouldn’t picture yourself in a house that is filled with somebody else’s personal belongings.

The Spruce have this article about how to DE-clutter your entire home that may give you some more persuasion in tackling your hoarder mentality. During home staging, remove your pictures, kids’ toys, casual furniture and other unnecessary items. De-cluttering also makes your home look much bigger than it is. A spacious apartment will attract a better price.


2. Thoroughly clean your home

No one would want to waste their time checking out an untidy home. Naturally, we all like to avoid dirty and smelly places or things. This calls upon you to thoroughly clean up your house before arranging to sale. You can follow this guide by the Cleaning Institute on cleaning tips for home sellers.  Clean the windows, the glass door tracks, the ceiling, the floor and even the fans. Professionals also go as far as using an air freshener and baking cookies just so that the home can feel attractive. That is the kind of home staging that can quickly attract buyers and at a better price.


3. Proper Lighting

Perhaps unsurprisingly, lighting can make a home feel warm and welcoming, or the opposite. To accurately stage your home and give the best impression, use bright lighting. Increase the wattage in your lamps, so that potential buyers can see every aspect of your living space. Consider using suspended lights because they take up less space. You can have additional lighting from the walls to eliminate shadows.


4. Do your flower gardens some justice

Who can resist serene and nicely manicured gardens in front of a house? Probably no one. The beauty of your home starts from the exterior, so in home staging don’t forget to prune your flowers, weed flower beds, trim your hedges and mow your lawns. Fine Gardening have this great article entitled “Tips on selling your garden Part 1” which covers some great points. Your flowerbeds, your gardens, and fences can all influence how fast the home sales, and the price it commands.


5. Carry out repairs

Here is the point, buyers don’t want to move into a home then spend a fortune in repairing broken fixtures. For that reason, homes with broken electrical systems, plumbing, and other defects simply get a pass. To successfully stage your home for sale, carry out all the necessary repairs. Repaint the walls if the paint was peeling off, repair your broken pavements, and fix the ceiling and any other place that needs retouching.

Home staging can be time-consuming and costly, but if you don’t do it, you will be robbing yourself of the chance to sell your home fast and at a reasonable price. So just do it.