Shabby Chic Themed Remodelling

In this project the client was a fan of the shabby chic style and wanted to have the same look as shabby chic but with all of the items being fitted like a standard kitchen as opposed to the more common individually purchased standalone items.

Despite first appearances this kitchen is a bran new installation all of the items are given an aged look to pull off the shabby chic feel. This involved rubbing down paint, chipping off paint in various areas and carefully wearing down surfaces and corners.

The original design of the kitchen had a low ceiling found in most homes but inspection of the attic revealed some old wooden beams that admittedly were a bit dirty looking but the decision was made to knock out the ceiling to reveal these and open up the light in the room. We then cleaned up the beams, chipped away parts of them to make them look more rustic and then made them dirty again – yes that`s right we cleaned them and made them dirty again but with a compound that produces and aged look as opposed to the dirty grime look that they had from being in the dusty attic.