Window Wall Remodel

Its not often we get to destroy half a clients house but in this case we were given permission to do so. We had put forward a few sketches of ideas we had about open plan rooms and window walls that required large sections of walls being removed and replaced with large safety glass windows.

The house looked out onto a large wooded area on three sides and much of this view was blocked with only sections visible when an effort was made to look out of the windows. This was the main reason for removing sections of the wall to take advantage of the scenery available, enabling the client to sit comfortably in various rooms of the house yet still enjoy the view.

The kitchen area which was at the back of the home was always a dark area firstly because of the walls but secondly because of the wooded area blocking a lot of the sunlight out so we tiled that area with a white glossy tile to maximize and reflect what light there was and again opened up the walls to let all of the light into the room.