Bleached Industrial Remodel

This project was a very large house surrounded by even larger grounds and the client wanted the stairways of the home to be one of the focal points of the house as they were seen when entering the home both from the rear and the front. We used locally sourced bleached oak for the flooring which creates such a classy look and is also not to dark and gloomy which would of been a negative on this project as it was already such a large, airy and bright design with many windows and natural light features.

The railings of the stairs were upgraded to thicker more sturdier posts with main pillars being substantially thicker and ornate which was a better combination and worthy added feature to fit in with the rest of the home.

Externally were large wooden beams around the eves of the home and these were cleaned, distressed and then aged to give them a better look more in line with the rest of the updates to the project.